guitar and bass player with Holyground 1965/66, and 1990 onwards

1950's Pete started his musical career playing a tea chest bass in a skiffle group. He graduated to double bass before going on play bass guitar around the Midlands rock circuit during the fag end years of the 50's - supporting artists as varied as Gene Vincent and Screaming Lord Sutch.

1960's In the early sixties Pete put aside his bass and, buying a Dreadnought, moved north to Bretton Hall where he met Mike Levon and Chris. Reinventing himself as a blues and jazz guitarist, he played in a number of jazz groups and loose folky grouplets. He played bass and guitar on the occasional Holyground track and also joined THROB the soul/blues band, who had just finished recording with Holyground. Pete played guitar as BRIAN WILSON, another Holyground stalwart, was on bass. 

1970's Following his return, broke, from the Far East, Pete realised that bass players were in demand and started working as a mercenary in a cabaret / show band. This ended when his day job took him to Egypt where he formed a rock band, this time playing guitar. 

1980's Needing 'to spend more time with his family', Pete had a gigless eighties, confining his playing to the spare bedroom until a chance reunion with Chris and Mike led to '& Strangeness and Charm.'

1990 - now Pete has two children, both musicians. The elder one, Rob, contributed to 'Strangeness', co-writing one song. The younger son, Dave, plays guitar, bass and sax which he played on Holyground's 'Best Foot Shoes' (yet to be released). He also played bass in the Hull based group 'Superscape'.

As well as continuing to play guitar, bass and keyboards, Pete has recently turned to production. He recorded 'Down to You Supergirl' with Nathaniel Green which was released on Subjugation Records and even got a play on Radio One. He recorded the piano and Rhodes for Chris Coombs's 'Up to McGills' CD.

Part of the band 'Aeon', with Chris and Mike, Pete worked on the unfinished album, 'In & Out Of Time'.

early days at Holyground  1 song written - "Sartre"
& STRANGENESS AND CHARM CD 1 song written - "30 Watts"

1 song co-written with Mike Levon & Rob Taylor

2 songs co-written with Mike Levon

2 songs co-written with Chris Coombs & Mike Levon