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Æon is : Chris Coombs, Pete Taylor and Mike Levon

This is the first release of completely new material from Chris Coombs, Mike Levon, Pete Taylor and other musicians for over twenty five years. 30 years ago A-Austr was released. Whilst working on this album, Mike, Pete and Chris were struck with how much it  felt like doing A-Austr.

There's a wide variety of styles, sounds, effects and musicians. There are some stunning solos - lead guitars from Alan Robinson and from Charlie Speed (of Gygafo - Legend of the Kingfisher fame), sax by Chris's son Ben Coombs, and of course the wonderful singing of one of the longest-involved of all Holygrounders, Chris Coombs - he was on "Cross-Section" in 1966, thirty-three years ago!

Like Austr, the songs range from the quirky and short to the long and heavily psych.


199 copies only

This album has been initially released in a special personal "hand-made"  version for collectors. There will be only 199 copies, each individually numbered.  (Copies 1 to 20 are not available).

The 'booklet' opens out into a poster.

This edition is entirely made at Holyground in England.

Despite being a limited edition, copies cost only £15, sterling only, plus postage and packing.

Each has a personally signed numbered certificate of authenticity, signed by Mike Levon, Chris Coombs and Pete Taylor, the band "Aeon"

This CD will not be released in this form again.

Ian Moran on drums playing on the album.


"excellent . . . a more cerebral Astral Navigations . . . you have surpassed yourselves . . ."

a selection of comments from people world wide who have bought the album so far (the age range of the people below is 20 to 80!)

Alan Myers (Newcastle UK) excellent album!! You said it reminded you of making A-Austr. . . I thought it sounded more like a more cerebral Astral Navigations . . . For me that was your best album, but now, I don't know 'cos this may grow on me even more. D'you know, I think you may just have surpassed yourselves boys!

Dorothy Plute (Seattle) I especially enjoyed "67 Skies", but the whole recording is delightful

Mark Guenther (Belle Vue, Ohio) Listened to the CD and think it's among the better releases on the label. (For reference sake my favorite HG releases are GYGAFO, the LIGHT YEARS AWAY stuff on Astral & Gagalactyca, & BLUE EPITAPH.) The production values on Strangeness are outstanding, and the songs are very good and well executed. Favorite tracks are Between The Lines, Desparate Manoueveres, and 67 Skies... . Great to see you stretch out and try a long epic proggy track like that . . . a good song and one of the album highlights.

Patricia Mawdsley (UK) I very much enjoyed the eclectic mix of styles and overall textures of the album - both musically and technically.


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